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24D Gate 5 Miniland
Tank Road Bhandup(W)
Mumbai 400078

Incident Response

  • You call us when an incident occurs.
  • Technician visits site at the earliest.
  • Diagnoses issue and provides resolution.
  • Replaces parts or device as per need.

Contracted Services

  • Responds to calls for operations and support.
  • Provide monitoring services round the clock.
  • Meet Service Level Agreements agreed upon.
  • Contracts renewed annually.


  • Document procedures for various user tasks.
  • Document network systems.
  • Create step-wise guides for technicians.
  • Maintain incident knowledgebase for reference.

Routine Operations Support

  • Support Routine IT operations
    • New User Setup, deal with password issues.
    • Directory Services management.
    • Ongoing management of firewall rules.
    • Guide users on phone to resolve issues.
  • Setup new user devices
  • Rollout new software
  • Procedural documentation for various tasks
  • On-site and phone support

Technical Support

  • Diagnose software and hardware faults
  • Replace parts as needed
  • Available on call 24/7
  • Respond on-site within agreed upon time limits
  • On-site and remote services

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Monitor and maintain networks and computers
  • Combine with Operations and Techical support.
  • On-site and remote monitoring

Network Stabilization

  • Troubleshoot nagging networking issues.
  • Report problem and potential fixes.
  • Design and deploy agreed-upon solutions.